Hourly based insurance
on your cellphone



Pay only as much as You use your car, on hourly basis! (usage based insurance)

Thanks to our Bluetooth technology you have nothing to do; as soon as you start your car your insurance cover gets started and when you stop, your insurance stopsas well

With our automated payment system there is no need for cheque payment or money transfer  anymore. Online condition survey and claim announcement via application

Travel insurance

Get yourself insured even in the last minute before departure with a few clicks only

Switch on/off your insurance at any time and pay on hourly basis!

You will not forget to take out your insurance any more! We remind you to activate it before you leave and it switches off automatically when you get back home

Electronic device insurance

Just enjoy life, we take care of your valuables!

Insure your favorite electronic devices on hourly basis. Condition survey via application.


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